Episode 15
Nicola Ranger
Ask for Policy

Dr Nicola Ranger is Head of Sustainable Finance Research for Development in the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group and Director of Climate and Environmental Analytics at the UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment (CGFI). Nicola is passionate about advancing finance for sustainable, resilient and inclusive development. In this episode we discuss the nexus between business and government policy, greenwashing, resilient transition pathways and much more.

Resilient Transition is Required

The climate transition will only be successful alongside more secure energy and food systems. The ‘S’ in ESG is there for a reason.

Greenwashing needs regulation

How do we make sure that green intentions are feeding through to decisions made on the front lines? Regulation is an important part of the answer. In the EU and the UK, thankfully regulation is coming in to define what is and is not sustainable.

Business needs Policy

Businesses have the ability to set targets, incorporate climate performance into incentive plans and take other steps on the net zero journey. At the same time, policy is required to align business incentives with climate goals (e.g., carbon taxes and carbon trading systems). If policy is missing, business can’t do all the work on their own.

Ask for Policy

It is so powerful to hear business leaders describing the climate policy they want to see that will enable them to act. Stand up and ask for the policy environment you need to pursue green growth.