We are Re:Co

At Re:Co, we use our diversity of thought and experience to help clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the long term.

Our Story

Our Founder grew up in an entrepreneurial family in rural Canada, where the region’s protected wetlands and serene coastlines inspired her to seek ways to align business prosperity with environmental responsibility. She gained real-world experience in this when, in her previous role as CFO of a group of companies, she spearheaded an effort to embed sustainability into the company’s core strategy that led to more rapid value creation through innovation and expansion into new markets. The experience inspired her to do this work at scale, so she founded Re:Co to connect the dots between sustainability and core value creation by helping to build better businesses with elevated performance with respect to people, planet, and profit.

Our unifying belief is that if you integrate sustainability efforts into the core of an existing business or portfolio rather than maintaining a siloed approach to sustainability, real transformation and value follows. With this in mind, our name, Re:Co, is a reference to our view that sustainability should be “Regarding the Company” as a whole, not just relegated to a single team or department.



Our Philosophy

Our CEO and COO, Jenn Wilson and Eric Bloom, met as interns at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) nearly 20 years ago. One of the key lessons they took away from RMI was the importance of approaching sustainability work in a “values-agnostic” manner. Building on this foundation at Re:Co, we’re energized to work with clients and colleagues with a range of motivations – for example, some may be inspired to reduce carbon emissions in order to drive down costs while others may be more focused on addressing climate change or on appealing to a new client base that prioritizes responsible business practices. We work with individuals and companies that come to the table with different motivations but are driving toward similar goals in the long term.

We approach our work with curiosity, diversity of thought, and a collaborative approach. We measure our success by 1) the outcomes we generate for people and planet through our work, 2) client satisfaction with our delivery of value, and 3) engagement of our staff (also known as the Re:Crew) and their satisfaction with their work.

Jennifer Wilson
CEO & Founder 

As Re:Co’s CEO and Founder, Jenn works with exceptional colleagues to deliver innovative client services and tools which enable transformation in the realm of sustainability. She’s motivated to help clients connect the dots between sustainability strategy and overall performance, and she’s also the host of Re:Co’s Future in Sound podcast.

Jenn brings deep expertise in strategy, governance, and sustainability to the team. Before founding Re:Co, Jenn was the Chief Financial Officer of the AIL Group of engineering & infrastructure companies, where she helped to embed sustainability into core value creation across the portfolio. Prior to AIL Group, she served as a strategy consultant with Bain & Company in London. She has earned her ICD designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors and serves on a number of corporate and non-profit Boards. She received her BSc in Environmental Geoscience and BBA in Business Administration at Acadia University and her MSc in Environmental Change & Management at the University of Oxford.

Outside of work, you can find Jenn in a Museum in London or, during the summertime, walking on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean with family in New Brunswick, Canada.

Eric Bloom
COO & Head of Client Solutions 

As COO and Head of Client Solutions, Eric oversees product and service delivery and spearheads Re:Co’s thought leadership efforts, such as the Future in Sight newsletter and engagements with industry events. Eric works with clients on all aspects of their ESG strategy, bringing deep knowledge of carbon management, renewable energy markets, and business best practices to the table to help them identify improvement measures with a high return on investment and chart long-term pathways toward decarbonization.

Before joining Re:Co, Eric worked in several capacities as a strategy consultant on clean energy technologies. He led strategy for Ameresco, a major energy efficiency and renewable energy developer in North America and Europe and served as a principal research consultant with Navigant’s (now Guidehouse) energy practice. He received a BA in Architecture at Yale University.

Outside of work, you’re most likely to find Eric on a hiking trail or cycling a country lane.

Dasun Goonaratne
Chief Technology Officer

As Re:Co’s CTO, Dasun heads the tech team and fosters collaboration to enhance our clients' user experience. He orchestrates the addition of new features to our platform, including AI-supported functions and features.

Prior to Re:Co, Dasun built engineering organizations in successful scale-ups Duco and ASAPP and served as a software architect at the London Stock Exchange Group. He applies his extensive expertise to provide technology that exceeds our clients' expectations. An advocate for outcome-oriented cross-functional teams, Dasun relishes creating transformative software products that reshape our lives and work, spanning AI to fintech and more.

Emily Hinton
Senior Associate

Emily is a key member of the Client Solutions team at Re:Co, delivering value creation through ESG-focused solutions at all investment stages. She empowers clients to understand their data and maximize the benefits of the ESG process.

Initially a mechanical engineer in New Zealand and Myanmar, Emily designed services systems for commercial buildings. She later earned her MBA at IESE Business School in Barcelona. Before Re:Co, Emily was a consultant at Boston Consulting Group. She honed her strategic development skills, creating solutions for leading UK and international businesses, and built strong relationships with leadership teams to implement sustainable improvements in operations, supply chains, and governance.

Outside the office, Emily's passion for food shines through. She loves exploring new culinary hotspots and creating her own gastronomic delights in her kitchen.

Waiyan Hein
Software Engineer

Waiyan Hein, a Software Engineer at Re:Co, works closely with his team to design and deliver custom digital solutions that help clients achieve their ESG goals. His career spans multiple locations including Myanmar, Singapore, and the UK, and roles in digital agencies and startups. He's played crucial roles in developing advanced digital solutions, utilizing innovative technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Amazon Web Services. With eight AWS certifications and over a decade of experience, Waiyan's passion lies in deploying cloud-based solutions and delivering high-quality products.

Outside of his professional life, he enjoys exploring Southeast Asia and its authentic cuisines.

Javier Parrado
Software Engineer

Javier serves as a Software Engineer at Re:Co, committed to crafting advanced solutions that contribute to client success. His duties encompass extensive collaboration with the technology team to develop user-friendly platforms that perform optimally. Beyond his work, Javier is an avid tennis player and traveller. His time on the tennis court helps him maintain a competitive edge, while his travel experiences broaden his horizons and inspire innovative thinking.

These interests not only offer him respite but also fuel his creativity and problem-solving capabilities in professional scenarios. His unique perspective, stemming from these activities, enriches his contributions at Re:Co.

Harriet Richardson
Design Director

Harriet Richardson, Design Director at Re:Co, is renowned for her detailed and typography-focused designs. Born in Manchester, she honed her skills at design giant Pentagram for half a decade, working on projects that prioritized social justice. Her portfolio includes collaborations with Extinction Rebellion, The Government Art Collection and The Green New Deal for Europe.

Harriet's commitment to utilizing design as a catalyst for social change earned her accolades from the Global Association for Creative Advertising. At Re:Co, she collaborates with the team to generate compelling designs, from corporate branding to info-graphics. When she's not working, Harriet applies her creative mind to producing political artwork, most recently featured in The Guardian and the New York Times.

Sean Lockie
Decarbonization Director

Sean, a sustainability professional with a 25-year international career, is part of Arup's climate leadership team. He specializes in systems integration, covering policy, governance, finance, social justice, and technology. He has collaborated with various entities from industries, cities, consultancies to academia. At Arup, he develops solutions for decarbonisation, resilience, and restorative design.

Before Arup, he was with Climate KIC, managing Europe's largest green accelerator, supporting over 2,100 start-ups. He connected these start-ups with cities, businesses, academia, and research, raising over €1.1B in external investment in 2022. He previously spent 15 years as head of sustainability at Atkins, has held roles at the Building Research Establishment, and is an RICS Fellow. Sean has worked globally, has three children, is rewilding 20 acres, and enjoys cycle touring.

Adam Brooks
Decarbonization Manager

Adam, a climate risk professional at Arup, focuses on creating positive outcomes in the built environment. His diverse experience involves analyzing multi-hazard climate risk to provide actionable solutions for public and private sectors. His project portfolio includes climate risk management, resilient design consultation, decarbonisation roadmapping, and scenario analysis of assets.

Adam's career at Arup, with stints in New York, Houston, and London, has global scope. With a BSc in Civil Engineering from Tufts University and a MSc from UC San Diego, he is a licensed Professional Engineer in New York. His work ranges from complex structural designs to broad climate risk analysis. He uses advanced modeling and vulnerability assessments to provide climate risk insights, enhancing organizations’ resilience. Outside work, Adam enjoys running, cycling, beach reading, and karaoke.

Jamie Atkinson
Decarbonization Analyst

Jamie is a climate change consultant at Arup specialising in organisational net zero carbon strategy development. Since joining Arup two year ago, Jamie has garnered expertise in various aspects of decarbonisation and offsetting services, delivering actionable insights for organisations internationally. This experience includes sector- and corporate-scale greenhouse gas emissions assessments; target setting and SBTi validation; decarbonisation lever appraisal; offsetting strategy; and decarbonisation roadmap development.

Prior to joining the Arup's Digital Services Climate Team in London, Jamie graduated with Distinction in a Master’s degree in Sustainable Infrastructure and Public Policy from University College London, preceded by a achieving First Class degree reading Geography (BSc) at Durham University.

Jamie loves to connect with new people, learning about places and perspectives, whilst also being an avid fan of football, running and of all things sports.

Nicky Goulimis
Senior Advisor

At Re:Co, Nicky is focused on supporting the leadership in strategy and product development. Nicky is a co-founder of Nova Credit: a global credit bureau company serving migrants. In this capacity, she has partnered with some of the largest enterprises in the world (HSBC, Amex, Verizon) and raised over $100M of venture funding, serving hundreds of thousands of people who are excluded from the credit system. When Nicky's not working, she tends to her tomato plants and sings (rather flatly, by her own admission!) to her toddler.

Prior to Nova Credit, Nicky was a consultant at Bain & Company where she served a number of European retail banks. Nicky began her career in the international development space working for Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture on its smallholder farmer financial access initiatives as well as for a Ugandan NGO.

Bruce Simpson
Senior Advisor

Bruce is a Senior Advisor to Re:Co, using his extensive knowledge of ESG data and sustainability to help shape the company's growth and unique value proposition. He also advises two AI incubators and supports startups innovating in the sustainability sector. A published author and conference speaker, he previously co-founded McKinsey's ESG/Purpose Practice, where he continues to advise clients.

Bruce advocates for organizations to integrate societal purpose into their core operations, benefitting planet, people, and shareholders. His dedication to making a difference extends to his five decades of NGO Board leadership, where he's made significant contributions to environmental, diversity, financial inclusion, education, refugee, and human rights causes. He currently holds a role as Global Vice-Chair of Human Rights Watch.

Thomas Eskebaek
Senior Advisor

As a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO, Thomas spent the last 5 years building Titanbay, a FinTech company HQ'd in London. Prior to this, Thomas spent 10 years in the finance industry, working across strategy consulting at Bain & Co, private equity at Hg Capital, venture capital and family offices at Fidelity International and also helped launch a SaaS focused, scale-up stage VC fund (Oxx).

Thomas is now looking to combine his experience of company building, engineering and finance to help solve some of the core challenges of the energy transition. In particular deployment of energy generation, distribution and storage solutions as well as green hydrogen for shipping and aviation.

Neil MacDougall
Senior Advisor

Neil MacDougall, joined the pan-European, mid-market buyout firm Silverfleet in 1989, led the buyout of the company from Prudential plc in 2007, and was Managing Partner from 2004 to 2019. He served as Chairman of the BVCA (British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association) in 2020 and joined the UKBAA (UK Business Angels Association) board in 2022.

As an active angel investor, Neil focuses on hard tech and Enterprise SaaS, showing a keen interest in sustainability. He also chairs Sophora Unternehmerkapital, a PE investor in the DACH region. Before Silverfleet, Neil was a management consultant at Bain & Co. He holds an MA from Cambridge University.

Chris Attaway
Podcast Producer

As the Podcast Producer at Re:Co, Chris is tasked with the meticulous production of the Future in Sound podcast episodes. His work, marked by keen attention to detail and a passion for audio excellence, ensures each episode is a seamless blend of insightful content. Surprisingly, his editing process is often punctuated with the playful barks of his dog, Mouse, adding a unique, endearing dynamic to his work from home routine.

However, Chris's passion for storytelling extends beyond podcasting. He is deeply involved in his local community where he manages a community cinema. This role allows him to curate a diverse range of films, fostering an appreciation for cinema among the locals. Through these pursuits, Chris demonstrates his commitment to sharing impactful stories, whether it's through the auditory journey of a podcast or the visual allure of cinema.

Beth Lewis
Digital Content Creator

Meet Beth, the creative force behind Re:Co's social media content. She seamlessly blends her expertise in design and copywriting to generate engaging and shareable content for our platforms. Beth has an innate ability to distil complex ideas into accessible, jargon-free language, making our content not just informative, but also relatable.

But Beth's talents extend beyond her day job at Re:Co. She has a passion for comedy writing, a hobby that she pursues in her spare time. Her wit and originality recently paid off when BBC Studios optioned her first script. Beth’s ability to switch between corporate communication and comedy writing showcases her versatility as a writer and her exceptional ability to engage diverse audiences.

Join us

We’re looking for outstanding people to join our growing business in an exciting industry where you can make a difference. By joining Re:Co, you can expect to:

🤝 Be part of the Re:Crew: At Re:Co, we enjoy working together and are building an environment of respect, care and growth. We embrace fun and understand the importance of balancing dedication to our career with overall well-being.

💡 Re:Imagine sustainability: Both our team and our overall industry are in an exciting stage of growth and potential. With Re:Co, you'll work on diverse projects for interesting clients, ensuring that no two days are the same. We offer a platform for you to explore, innovate, and shape Re:Co as well as your career.

🎯 Re:Inforce meaningful actions: We are helping create long-term impact for our clients by connecting the dots between value creation and ESG. Our efforts directly contribute to a better tomorrow.

Please email us at info@re.co.com and we'll be in touch if there's an opening that fits your background. 

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