We are Re:Co

At Re:Co, we use our diversity of thought and experience to help clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the long term.

Our Story

Our Founder grew up in an entrepreneurial family in rural Canada, where the region’s protected wetlands and serene coastlines inspired her to seek ways to align business prosperity with environmental responsibility. She gained real-world experience in this when, in her previous role as CFO of a group of companies, she spearheaded an effort to embed sustainability into the company’s core strategy that led to more rapid value creation through innovation and expansion into new markets. The experience inspired her to do this work at scale, so she founded Re:Co to connect the dots between sustainability and core value creation by helping to build better businesses with elevated performance with respect to people, planet, and profit.

Our unifying belief is that if you integrate sustainability efforts into the core of an existing business or portfolio rather than maintaining a siloed approach to sustainability, real transformation and value follows. With this in mind, our name, Re:Co, is a reference to our view that sustainability should be “Regarding the Company” as a whole, not just relegated to a single team or department.



Our Philosophy

Our CEO and COO, Jenn Wilson and Eric Bloom, met as interns at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) nearly 20 years ago. One of the key lessons they took away from RMI was the importance of approaching sustainability work in a “values-agnostic” manner. Building on this foundation at Re:Co, we’re energized to work with clients and colleagues with a range of motivations – for example, some may be inspired to reduce carbon emissions in order to drive down costs while others may be more focused on addressing climate change or on appealing to a new client base that prioritizes responsible business practices. We work with individuals and companies that come to the table with different motivations but are driving toward similar goals in the long term.

We approach our work with curiosity, diversity of thought, and a collaborative approach. We measure our success by 1) the outcomes we generate for people and planet through our work, 2) client satisfaction with our delivery of value, and 3) engagement of our staff (also known as the Re:Crew) and their satisfaction with their work.

Our Reach

You can find our products and services being used by clients across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.


Join us

We’re looking for outstanding people to join our growing business in an exciting industry where you can make a difference. By joining Re:Co, you can expect to:

🤝 Be part of the Re:Crew: At Re:Co, we enjoy working together and are building an environment of respect, care and growth. We embrace fun and understand the importance of balancing dedication to our career with overall well-being.

💡 Re:Imagine sustainability: Both our team and our overall industry are in an exciting stage of growth and potential. With Re:Co, you'll work on diverse projects for interesting clients, ensuring that no two days are the same. We offer a platform for you to explore, innovate, and shape Re:Co as well as your career.

🎯 Re:Inforce meaningful actions: We are helping create long-term impact for our clients by connecting the dots between value creation and ESG. Our efforts directly contribute to a better tomorrow.

Please email us at info@re.co.com and we'll be in touch if there's an opening that fits your background. 

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