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At Re:Co, we’re speaking with world-leading experts who help to define ‘responsible profitability.’ We discuss big ideas and practical steps to help business leaders make a difference.

The Future in Sound podcast helps you clarify your view of the future and your role in it. Host Jenn Wilson speaks with world-leading experts to spot long term trends shaping the future role of business in society. In every episode we connect the dots between long term trends and strategic decision-making that we can adopt at work.

Dillon Hargrave:
Uniquely Embodied

Neil Desai:
Deeper Diversity

Shami Nissan:
Shared Value in Practice

John Elkington & Louise Kjellerup Roper:
Avoiding Disruption

Georg Kell:
Cyclical Versus Enduring Trends

Eric Collins:
Diversity Advantage

2023 Re:Cap

Harlin Singh Urofsky:

Fred di Blasio:
Indigenous Investment

Andrew Winston:

Sam Cryer:
Pragmatic Protest

Elsa Palanza:
Inject Sustainability

Lisa Woll:
Follow the Money

Cary Krosinsky:

Alex Edmans:
Nuance in ESG

Nicola Ranger:
Ask for Policy

Lisa Kimmel:
Building Trust

Sophie Robinson-Tillett:
Moving the Masses

Kathleen Finlay:
Regenerative Agriculture

Harvey Locke:
Nature Positive

Alex Robart:
The Avant-Garde of Net Zero

Anywhere Sikochi:
The Limitations of ESG Ratings

Gillian Tett:

Jason Mitchell:
ESG in its Infancy

Saadia Madsbjerg:

Charmian Love:
AND not OR

Dr. Noelle Selin:
Silos vs. Systems

Amory Lovins:
Asking Heretical Questions

Dr. Colin Mayer:
On Purpose

Dr. Sarah Kaplan:
Dwelling in Tensions


The sustainability industry is fragmented, and great advice for decision-makers in the business world is hard to come by. There’s a lot of noise on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics, and we can’t rely on headlines to build resilient long-term strategy.

The Future in Sight is a regular newsletter capturing macro trends in ESG with long term strategic relevance. We provide you with the context, data analysis, and expert framing needed to see patterns that matter. We also translate the best research into practical decision-making tools to help you and your company stand out.

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