Episode 27
John Elkington & Louise Kjellerup Roper
Avoiding Disruption

This episode of the Future in Sound podcast dives into the world of sustainable business with two powerhouse figures. John Elkington, dubbed the 'godfather of sustainability' is the Founding Partner and Executive Chairman of Volans, a future-focused business working at the intersection of the sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation movements. Joining him is Louise Kjellerup Roper, CEO of Volans, who honed her skills with cutting-edge software companies before pivoting to ignite the power of business for good. Louise's impressive track record includes bringing sustainable giants like method and gDiapers to Europe, and helping smaller businesses embrace circular economy models. Listen as we explore the evolution of sustainable business models, the increasing demands placed on responsible leadership, and the strategic imperative of aligning corporate goals with the critical environmental and social challenges of our time.

Systemic Change is Essential

Businesses must fundamentally shift towards regenerative models that actively contribute to the health of ecosystems and communities. This calls for re-evaluating how we measure success and rethink investment strategies.

Collaboration is Key for Meaningful Progress

Collaboration across sectors is vital. Businesses, governments, investors, and communities must come together to find solutions.  Pioneers like Acciona illustrate how companies can create positive social and environmental impact alongside business success.

Leaders Must Champion Innovation

Visionary leadership is crucial for navigating complex sustainability challenges. Businesses must embrace creativity, seek out diverse perspectives, and proactively explore innovative solutions. Companies have the opportunity to shape a sustainable future, rather than simply reacting to change.