Episode 20
Sam Cryer
Pragmatic Protest

Sam Cryer earned his PhD in organic chemistry at Imperial College London developing novel solar materials. After post-docs at Queen Mary and UCL, he joined Deep Science Ventures as an analyst where he developed the idea for Thermulon and spun out the company; building the founding team and raising their subsequent investment rounds. He oversees all company strategy including chemical technology development activities and academic partnerships.

Pragmatic protest requires listening

On both sides of climate protest - whether you’re working for an oil major or you’re holding a placard - it’s important to listen to the other side. Progress comes when we truly understand the fear and sense of urgency on the other side of the debate.

Colossal frustration felt by younger professionals concerned about the climate

Gen Z  professionals are often leading on sustainability for large companies and growing frustrated by the pace of progress. This leads to burn out or ‘switching off’.

Companies need to think ‘generationally’

Companies like Coutts bank understand the link between their core business on a generational level and climate. More businesses need to think much longer term. This involves the CEO having a net zero mindset, the board being engaged on net zero by 2050 goals and a core strategy in line with this objective.